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Setup America Online to Dial KansasNet

AOL's easy to use and customizable interface makes it still one of the more favored Internet services in the world. Despite the recent problems that AOL has had, their dedicated customer base has decided to start using ISP's to get through to AOL instead of trying to dial into their modems. This may seem like a bad idea but if you think about it, the customer is paying for our service and this is something that will be more attractive to them if they wish to keep their service with AOL.

Setting up AOL to utilize our TCP/IP connection is very simple. This will show

you how to customize AOL to work with KansasNet.

First thing the customer needs to do is to open up their AOL screen to the main
log in window. Have the user put in their name and password.

From here, have the user select 'Setup'.

From this screen, have the user click on 'Edit Location'.

From this screen the user should make sure that both phone numbers are removed. Set both sides modems' maximum speed to 57600.

Then, select the 'Network' settings to 'TCP/IP' on both sides.

The final setup screen should look like this:

Then, have the user select 'OK' twice until they get back to the main screen. Then, they connect as normal to AOL and they will be on their way. 

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