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Setting your Internet Options for Dial-up on
Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2000/XP

This page will help you check or set your Internet Options on Windows.  This page also assumes you have Internet Explorer 5 or higher.  If you have an older version of Internet Explorer, such as Internet Explorer 4, it is highly recommended that you update your Internet Explorer to at least version 5 in order to optimize your websurfing experience (click here to visit our downloads section).  Although you may have already created a KansasNet connection, you may not be able to surf the internet or check your email if your Internet Options are not set properly, even if you are dialed in and connected to KansasNet.

To begin, you need to open the Control Panels on your computer.  If you have Windows XP, you may just choose Start-->Control Panels.  Otherwise, you need to choose Start-->Settings-->Control Panels.


In the Control Panels Window, double-click on the Internet Options icon to open the Internet Properties window.

If you have Windows XP, when you open the Control Panel window, you may see something stating "Pick a task..." in rather large font.  If you see "Pick a task," you may not be able to locate the Internet Options icon until you switch the Control Panel view.  Do this by choosing Switch to Classic View in the upper-left hand corner of the Control Panel window.

Once you have opened the Internet Properties window, you will be looking at the contents of the General tab.  You may choose to set your homepage to  Just type that in the Home Page address box as shown below, or enter whatever homepage URL you would like.

Now, choose the Connections tab at the top of the Internet Properties window.  You should see a white box with the words KansasNet (Default) in it.  First, make sure you have selected the option Always dial my default connection.  Now, if you see KansasNet in the box, but it does not say "(Default)" after it, then click the Set Default button to make KansasNet the default connection for dial-up.  If you do not see "KansasNet" in the white box at all, then you need to create a dialup connection to KansasNet first, and then come back to this page.

Next, click the Settings button to the right of the white box on the Connection tab in the Internet Properties window (see picture in STEP 4 above).  You should see the window below.  First, make sure that NO boxes are checked.  If you have any boxes check, your KansasNet Dial-up connection may not work properly.  Then enter your KansasNet username and password at the bottom of the window.  Also, make sure the box labeled "Domain" is blank, or you may not be able to log on to KansasNet.  Finally, press OK.  This will return you to the Internet Properties Connection tab window (shown in STEP 4 above).  Make sure to press OK at the bottom of that window also.

You should now have a functional KansasNet dial-up networking connection on your computer and with your Internet Options discussed on this page set properly, you should be able to connect and surf the internet.

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