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KansasNet DSL High-Speed Internet

DSL Terms of Access | DSL Qualification Form
The services and prices on this page are subject to change without notice.
Note: KansasNet DSL for Embarq/Sprint Territories is currently available in the following cities:

Alma, Altoona, Arlington, Baldwin, Balwin, Baxter Springs, Belle Plaine, Bucyrus, Buhler, Burlingame, Burlington, Burrton, Claflin, Courtland, Cunningham, Easton, Edgerton, Effingham, Ellinwood, Eskridge, Fall River, Fort Riley, Fredonia, Galena, Gardner, Garnett, Greeley, Haven, Hesston, Hiawatha, Highland, Hillsboro, Hoisington, Holton, Horton, Hoyt, Inman, Junction City, Kincaid, Lancaster, Lebo, Leroy, Linwood, Lyndon, Mayetta, Michigan Valley, Mclouth, Meriden, Moran, Mound City, Mound Valley, Nortonville, Onaga, Osage City, Osawatomie, Oskaloosa, Overbrook, Oxford, Ozawkie, Parker, Partridge, Perry, Pomona, Pretty Prairie, Quenemo, Riverton, Rossville, Scammon, Silver Lake, Spring Hill, St. John, St. Marys, Sterling, Sylvia, Troy, Valley Falls, Wakefield, Walton, Wathena, Waverly, Wellsville, Westphalia, Winchester
Appleton City, Brazito, Buckner, Butler, California, Centertown, Clinton, Cole Camp, Dearborn, Edgerton, Ellis Blvd. (Jeff City), Eugene, Fairfax, Ferrelview, Ft. Leonard Wood, Green Ridge, Harrisonville, Holden, Holt, Holt Summit, Jefferson City, Kearney, Kingsville, Lake Lotawana, Lebanon, Leeton, Lexington, Lincoln, Lone Jack, Maryville, Mound City, New Bloomfield, Newburg, Oak Grove, Odessa, Orrick, Otterville, Platte City, Pleasant Hill, Richland, Rolla, Russellville, Salem, Smithton, Southridge, St. Marys, St. Roberts, Sweet Springs, Taos, Tarkio, Tipton, Warrensburg, Warsaw, Waverly, Waynesville, Wellington, Weston, Windsor
Bayard, Gering, Kimball, Lewellen, Minatare, Mitchell, Morrill, Oshkosh, Potter, Scottsbluff
There are restrictions on availability.  Please submit the DSL Qualification Form to see if DSL service is available to you.

What is KansasNet DSL?
KansasNet DSL is a high-speed, dedicated Internet connection that resides on any qualified existing plain telephone service phone line.

What are the advantages of KansasNet DSL over Dial-up service?

Advantage 1: Speed
First, and foremost, DSL is tons faster than your dial-up.  How much faster? You may have heard of a “56Kbps” modem (the highest data rate standard analog dial-up modem).  With KansasNet DSL in Embarq/Sprint Territories, you can achieve a downstream connection at speeds up to 1500Kbps (1.5Mb/s) (Gold service option).

Advantage 2: Get your phone line back.
Another major advantage of KansasNet’s DSL service, is that it does not affect the “dial-tone” part of the phone line that it resides on.  In other words, while browsing the Internet at high-speed, you can send & receive phone calls or FAXs on the same phone line. This eliminates the cost of an additional phone line to connect to the Internet. 

Advantage 3:  Have multiple computers share one connection to the Internet.
A KansasNet DSL connection is easily shared with other PCs with the addition of some simple networking components.

Advantage 4:  No dialing up, NO BUSIES
Ever get a busy signal when trying to dial-up to the Internet?  With KansasNet DSL, you will NEVER get a busy signal again.  KansasNet DSL is a dedicated service.  Once your PC is turned on, you are online.  You have an access port in our equipment that is dedicated to YOU, and you alone.

What does it cost?

Monthly Service Costs
Note that some service types and minimum connection rates are NOT available in all areas.  Please consult our sales team if you have an questions on availability.  Prices shown are per-month.

Speeds shown are bits per sec. (bps) 1 PC** 2-4 PCs 5-9 PCs 10+ PCs
Up to 256k (down)
Up to 128k (up)
Up to 512k (down)
Up to 128k (up)
Up to 1.5M (down)
Up to 384k (up)

¹ Indicates monthly pricing for new subscribers with a 1-year term commitment.  An Early Termination Fee (ETF) will be applied for any service cancelled prior to the termination agreement date.  The Early Termination Fee will equal $249 or your monthly service rate times the number of months left in your service agreement, whichever is less.
² Indicates monthly pricing for new subscribers without a 1-year term commitment.  A $149 additional one-time setup fee applies when you choose service without term commitment; this additional fee must be paid in full upon service agreement.
* Indicates rate applicable for residential telephone lines only (rate not available for business-lines, see below).
§ Indicates rate applicable for business-grade telephone lines.
** If you choose the single-PC service option, KansasNet only provides basic tech support by telephone if you have a single PC connected directly to the DSL modem.

Note:  Connection sharing software is sometimes difficult to setup and maintain, and KansasNet does not provide free technical support for this method of internet connection sharing.

Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)/Installation Options:

* $59
Standard DSL Modem for new "Single-PC" subscribers with a 1-year service agreement; $99 for "Single-PC" subscribers without 1-year term commitment.

* $59 DSL Modem w/Integrated Router Feature Enabled for "Multiple-PC" subscribers with a 1-year service agreement; $99 for "Multiple-PC" subscribers without 1-year term commitment

* $99 DSL Modem w/Integrated Router and Built-In 4-port Switch for "Multiple-PC" subscribers with a 1-year service agreement; $139 for "Multiple-PC" subscribers without 1-year term commitment

Free Self-Installation:
  The Subscriber self-installation kit includes a DSL modem, a 6ft. phone cord, a short (typically 6ft) CAT5 network cable to connect the DSL modem to your existing network card, and up to three in-line DSL filters to be attached to phones and other devices (other than the DSL modem) which are utilizing the same phone line as the DSL service.  Additional line filters are available with the Self-Installation Kit for $10/ea.  There are specific technical limitations of self-installation.  If you have a security or health monitoring system connected directly to your phone line (meaning not connected via a wall jack), or you have more than 4 devices (i.e. telephones, fax machines, satellite or cable TV box) connected to your phone line, you must have a professional installation.  A technician will need to visit your premises to install a DSL splitter for an additional fee.

$59 Professional Single PC Installation***: The technician will provide installation of the modem from your existing phone jack up to the point that it connects to your PC, and simple configuration of your PC.  If your PC does not currently have a network interface card (NIC), a PCI-based card can be provided & installed by the technician for an additional cost.  If your PC requires additional hardware and/or software, the technician will advise you on availability and cost.

Professional Network Installation***: Installation that requires attaching the DSL CPE to multiple computers, and/or to Subscriber’s existing network equipment will be quoted and billed on a per case basis.  Feel free to contact us for applicable fees.

***Professional Installation Note:  If your installation requires cable to be run, or if you  live more than 15 miles from our 531 Ft Riley Blvd location,  additional charges will apply.

Note:  Make sure that you read the document titled “KansasNet DSL Terms of Access.”
It defines KansasNet’s policies on usage of our Internet services.

How do I get KansasNet DSL?

The first step in getting DSL is have KansasNet qualify the phone line you would like to have DSL added to.  Please submit our Online DSL Qualification Form.  Or you may contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is there a term commitment?  How is the service billed?  How do I cancel?
There are both month-to-month, and one-year commitment service plans.  In either case, 20-days notice of cancellation is required.  Notice must be sent via an email from your KansasNet email address to, or by submitting our Cancellation Form. For more details on KansasNet's service cancellation policy, visit our Billing Information page. The modem package and any additional hardware must be paid for prior to, or during, the installation of the service.  The monthly service fee is prorated only in the first month and charges begin the day after installation.  Payment for monthly service must be done by AutoDebit from a checking, savings, or credit card account.

Can I get a static IP address?
Static IP addresses are available for $10/month per IP address.

What is a firewall?  Do I need one?
As with any Internet connection, there are security issues.  KansasNet recommends the usage of a hardware or software firewall with your DSL service.
  Most routers will provide basic hardware firewall features. An example of a software firewall product is ZoneAlarm.  Product information, and availability of ZoneAlarm can be found at
Note: We have had good experience with ZoneAlarm as a software firewall, however, we cannot guarantee interoperability of their product with our systems.  KansasNet does not provide technical support for third party products or services.

Do I have to use your hardware?
You do not have to purchase and use the hardware KansasNet offers to subscribers.  There are different protocols used for DSL service around the nation, so if you are in the market for hardware, make sure you consult KansasNet sales department for compatibility.

Do I get an email address or web hosting space with this service?
Yes.  Your email address is your choice (among the available addresses) and will be confined to the domain (i.e. You will get 5MB of space on our personal web server. A backup dial-up account will be provided to users who request it.

How can I measure my KansasNet DSL connection rate?
Check out our online bandwidth speed test 

What are the advantages of KansasNet DSL over “cable” Internet service?
The most common method of bandwidth allocation over “Cable Internet” networks is to introduce the connection to the “node” of the network.  The node is what ties everyone in your area to the cable network. The downside of this method is that there is a pool of resources for everyone to draw from. The more connections drawing from these resources, the less that others will have.  In layman’s terms, fighting with everyone on your “node” for bandwidth.  KansasNet DSL is different.  Each KansasNet DSL customer has a reserved port directly into KansasNet’s network.  For this reason, we can allocate bandwidth, and make connection rate guarantees.  Your connection will be the only one drawing bandwidth from your assigned port into our network.

How do I get additional information?
To obtain additional information about DSL service, please contact us.

Use our online form to contact us.
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