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Installing/Uninstalling Dial-Up Networking on Windows 95/98

This page will help you install or uninstall Dial-Up Networking if you have Windows 95 or Windows 98.  If you are not sure if you have Dial-Up Networking installed, open the My Computer window.  If you see the Dial-Up Networking folder, then you already have DUN installed.  If you are going to uninstall DUN, just keep reading.

However, if you do not see the Dial-Up Networking folder, then you will need to install DUN in order to use KansasNet.  Follow the few simple steps below.

Open the Control Panel by double-clicking the Control Panel folder in the My Computer Window, or click Start-->Settings-->Control Panel.  Inside the Control Panel window, double-click Add/Remove Programs.

After opening Add/Remove Programs, click the Windows Setup tab at the top of the window.  Windows will search for installed components, and then show you a list of all the windows components installed on your computer.  Click Communications in the list, then click the Details button.

The Communications components you have selected will appear similar to those listed below, make sure to check Dial-Up Networking.  (If you are uninstalling DUN, then uncheck 'Dial-Up Networking').  Then click OK.  This will take you back to the window above.  Click OK again, and your system will install (or uninstall) the Dial-Up Networking component.  (If your computer asks you for the Windows 95 or Windows 98 CD-ROM, make sure to put the CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive and press OK.)  When it's finished, you can close the Control Panel window.  Then you should reboot your computer by clicking Start-->Shut Down-->Restart.

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