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How to Setup KansasNet on MAC OS 8.x/9.x

This page will instruct you how to setup your MacIntosh computer with MAC OS 8.x or 9.x to connect to KansasNet.

In order to begin the process, you will need to locate the "Internet Setup Assistant" program on your computer.  This program will make setting up the computer to connect to KansasNet a breeze.  Any computer with MAC OS 8.x or 9.x should already have this program installed.  You should be able to find the "Internet Setup Assistant program" by browsing your hard drive, or searching your computer for the program.
How to Browse to the Internet Setup Assistant program:
In order to browse to the Internet Setup Assistant program, double-click the Macintosh Hard Drive icon on your desktop.
Then locate either the Internet or Assistants folder, and double-click on it.
Locate the Internet Setup Assistant icon and double-click it to begin the setup.
How to Search for the Internet Setup Assistant program:
If you could not find the Internet or Assistants folder on your hard drive, or could not find the Internet Setup Assistant program in either of those folders, you may search for the Internet Setup Assistant program on your computer, and run it from the search results list.  Start by selecting the desktop (click in a blank area on your desktop), then choose File-->Find from the menu bar at the top. You should see a window similar to the one below.  Select the hard drive icon (as the search location), and in the search field type Internet Setup

One of the search results should include the Internet Setup Assistant.  Run the program by choosing the Internet Setup Assistant icon from the search results.

Now that you have located and run the Internet Setup Assistance program, you will see the first dialog of the wizard below.  Go ahead and click Yes to begin the setup.

The next window is asking if you already have an internet account, and because you are (or are going to be) a KansasNet subscriber, click Yes.

Next you will see the Introduction window.  You should review the information presented, and then click the arrow-pointing right at the bottom to go to the next screen.

In the Configuration Name and Connection Type window below, enter KansasNet for the configuration name.  Then choose Modem for the method to connect to the internet.  Continue by clicking the arrow-pointing right at the bottom.

In the next dialog window (Modem Settings) below, you need to choose the modem installed in your computer.  Normally, this will default to the correct modem for your computer, so ordinarily you do not need to change it from the current setting.  However, if the modem selected is incorrect, choose the correct modem from the drop-down menu.  Also, the Port will generally default to the correct port, which is usually Modem Port or Internal Modem, so usually you would not need to change this, however if it is incorrect, choose the correct port for your modem.  See that Tone is selected for dialing, and that the "Ignore dial tone?" is NOT checked.  Go to the next screen.

In the next window (Configuration Information) below, you need to enter the phone number to dial KansasNet.  If you are not sure of the correct number for you to use, please check KansasNet's Local Access Numbers.  Next, type in your KansasNet username and password.  Go to the next step.

In the PPP Connect Scripts window below, choose No as KansasNet does not require you to use a connect script.  Go to the next step.

In the IP Address window below, make sure to choose No for the IP Address question, as KansasNet will automatically assign an IP address to your computer when you connect to the internet.

STEP 10:
In the Domain Name Servers window, enter KansasNet's primary name server IP address; press ENTER on your keyboard to move to the next line in the same box and enter our secondary name server IP  In the Domain name box at the bottom, type in and press the right arrow to continue.

STEP 11:
In the next window, E-mail Address and Password, enter your KansasNet email address (i.e.  In the 2nd box, type in your password.  Then go to the next step.

STEP 12:
Next, in the E-mail Account and Host Computer window, in the first box enter (i.e. as the e-mail account for this configuration.  For the email host, or SMTP server, enter  Continue to the next step.

STEP 13:
The next window has a box to type in KansasNet's news server.  If you intend to use KansasNet's newsgroups, enter  If you do not plan on using the newsgroups, or are unfamiliar with newsgroups, leave the box blank.  Then go to the next step.

STEP 14:
In the following Proxies window, choose No as it is not required for you to enter a proxy server to use KansasNet Internet.  Continue to the final step.

Finally, you have reached the Conclusion of the Internet Setup Assistant.  Uncheck the box "Connect when finished" and then press Go Ahead to complete the wizard and save all the settings.  You have not finished configuration your MacIntosh to connect to KansasNet and may now try your internet connection.

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