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How to Setup Mail on MAC OS X

This page will explain how to configure Mail on MacIntosh OS X to send/receive your KansasNet email.  
To get started, go ahead and run the Mail program.

Once you have started the Mail program, you are ready to configure it to check your KansasNet email.  From the Mail menu at the top, choose Preferences.

After choosing Preferences in Step 1 above, you should see the Accounts window below.  If you do not see any accounts listed in the box, choose Add Account.  Otherwise, if there is already an account listed, choose the account and then click Edit.  If you have more than one account listed, you may remove the accounts you no longer need.  Please set the Check for new mail option for "Every 15 minutes".

Now, you should see the window below, and you should make sure you have clicked onto the Account Information tab.  In the drop-down menu labeled "Account Type", make sure you have chosen POP.  Next, in both the "Description" and "Email Address" boxes, type in your email address (i.e.  Next, type in your "Full Name".  In the box labeled "Incoming Mail Server", type in   Then enter your username and password.  For the "Outgoing Mail Server", make sure you choose

Next, go to the Special Mailboxes tab and you should see the window below.  Below you will see some recommended settings for this tab.

Finally, choose the Advanced tab at the top of the same window.  Now, make sure that all 3 options ARE checked:
  • Enable this account

  • Include when automatically checking for new mail

  • Remove copy from server after retrieving a message

Make sure that you have Selected Right away from the drop-down menu.  Please do NOT set your mail program to leave messages on the server.  Then make sure that the "Port" is set to 110 and "SSL" is not checked.  The Authentication method should be set to Password.

To complete all the changes made, make sure you press OK at the bottom of the window and confirm if asked.  The Mail program on your MAC OS X computer is now setup to send and receive your KansasNet email.

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