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Making a KansasNet Dial-Up Connection Windows 95/98

This page will help you make a KansasNet Dial-Up Connection.  Just follow the few steps below.

Open My Computer.  Then open the Dial-Up Networking folder.  If you do not see a Dial-Up Networking folder, click the link below for help installing Dial-Up Networking.

Installing Dial-Up Networking on Windows 95/98

In the Dial-Up Networking window, you will see a Make New Connection icon.  Double-click the Make New Connection icon. (If you see a KansasNet icon, you already have a KansasNet Dial-Up connection installed, click here to check the connection's configuration.  If you see other icons, and don't know what they are, it is probably safe to delete them.  To remove a connection, simply right-click on the icon and select Delete.  You will be asked to confirm the deletion.)

Where is says 'Type a name for the computer you are dialing:', enter KansasNet.  Press Next.

Enter your Area code and the local access phone number for KansasNet in your area.  You can find a list of the numbers by clicking the link below.  Click Next.

KansasNet Dial-Up Access Telephone Numbers

Just click Finish.  Now you will need to check the connection's configuration and set your computer to use the dialup connection for internet access.

Check your KansasNet Dial-Up Connection's Configuration
Check/Set your Internet Options

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