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Setting Up Outlook Express 4 for Windows 95/98/NT

If you have never opened Outlook Express 4 before, you may be presented with the following dialog box.  If you have used this program before, and need help with the Outlook Express setup wizard, you can skip to step 0, or you can Check your existing Outlook Express 4 settings.

Don't change anything, and just click ok to continue, then you will be presented with the setup wizard.   If you are creating a new account in Outlook Express 4, you will also be presented with the Internet Connection Wizard for setting up email (see below).  If you are not presented with the wizard (in Step 0 or Step 1 below), click here.  You may or may not see the window below before the wizard comes up;  if you do, just choose 'Create a new Internet mail account' and press Next

If you have never opened Outlook Express before, you may see the Import utility as shown below.  If you do not see the import utility, just skip to step 1.  The import utility is used to import your email and address book from another program you may have been using for email.  If you are switching to Outlook Express from another email program, you may choose to use the utility to transfer all your email and/or address book into Outlook Express.  Do this at your own risk, this page does not explain the import process.  If you are unsure or do not have any mail to import, then skip the import process.   If you see the  window shown below, simply click the Cancel button.

Then you will see the import cancel confirmation dialog box. Just click Yes to continue. Then you will be presented with the account setup wizard.

Type your name is the box and press next.  Enter your real name, as this name is displayed to others that you send e-mail to.

Enter your e-mail address into the box and press Next.

In the next dialog box, choose POP3 for incoming mail server.  Then type into each of the other two boxes.  Press Next.

Select 'Log on using:' then enter your username into the POP Account Name box.  For example, if your e-mail address is, then your username is johndoe.
If you want Outlook Express to remember your email password, enter your password also.
If you DO NOT want Outlook Express to remember your email password, do not enter the password.
DO NOT SELECT "Log on using Secure Password Authentication {SPA}".
Click Next.

Next enter an account name for your Outlook Express account, this can be whatever you want, but some good examples are or, where 'username' is your username.  Press Next.

In this dialog box you need to select how your computer connects to KansasNet.  If you use a modem to dial into KansasNet, then select Connect using my phone line.  If your computer has a continuous connection to the internet via your internal local area network, then select Connect using my local area network (LAN).  Press Next.

If you selected, connect using my phone line in Step 6 above, then you will see the dialog box below.  Select Use an existing dial-up connection and pick KansasNet from the list.  Press Next.

At last, you reach the end of the wizard.  Just press finish to exit the wizard, and you are ready to use Outlook Express for e-mail.

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