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Checking your Outlook Express 5/6 Configuration

Having problems with Outlook Express 5?  This page will help you make sure your Outlook Express 5 or 6 is setup correctly.  If you have never used Outlook Express before, you should go here.

In the Outlook Express main window, click Tools-->Accounts.

The Internet Accounts window will pop up.  You need to click on the mail tab.

If you do not see an account listed in the white box, then you need to click Add-->Mail.  This will bring up the setup wizard.  For help with the setup wizard, click here.

If you see more than one account listed, and you do not have more than one email address, you need to delete the extra accounts by selecting the account name, and then clicking the 'Remove button'.
Also check that the Type column says 'mail (default)'  (see example above).  If it does not say '(default)', click the account name, and then click the 'Set as Default' button to change it.

Next, click on the account name once and then select the Properties button.  Your KansasNet email account properties window will open.  In this window, you see the Account Name which you can call whatever you want, but a good example can be seen below (  Next make sure your real name and email address appear correctly in the appropriate boxes.  You may also fill in the Organization box.  The Reply Address field should be left blank, unless your reply to address is different from your email address.  Make sure a check appears in the checkbox 'Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing'.

Next click the Servers tab at the top.  In the 'Incoming mail (POP3)' and 'Outgoing mail (SMTP)' fields type    In the Account Name field, type your username.  Note: if your email address is, then your username is johndoe.  If you do not want Outlook Express to ask you for your password everytime you check mail, then type your password in the Password field, and check the box 'Remember Password'.  DO NOT CHECK 'Log on using Secure Password Authentication' or 'My server requires authentication'.

Next click the Connection tab.  Make sure a check appears in the box 'Always connect to this account using:'.  If you are using a modem to dial up to KansasNet, then select your dial-up connection from the list.  If you are on a  Local Area Network, then select that from the drop down list.

Next click the Security tab.  Just make sure the Security Properties appear as below.

Finally, click the Advanced tab.  Make sure your Advanced Properties appear as below.  The Outgoing mail (SMTP) port number should be 25 and the Incoming mail (POP3) port number should be 110.  DO NOT CHECK any of the checkboxes on this window.  For more information about the checkbox 'Leave a copy of messages on server', please click here.

That's it!  Now just click the OK button and then click Close in the Internet Accounts window.  Outlook Express should now be properly configured.

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