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How to Setup KansasNet on MAC OS X

This page will help you setup your MacIntosh computer running OS X to dial into KansasNet.

From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.

After Step 1, you should see the System Preferences window below.
Click the Network icon.

Now, you should see the "Network" window below.  First, look at the very bottom of the window, where you will see the "lock icon" and a message saying "Click the lock to prevent changes."  If the lock button is "locked" and you see some other message, you need to click on the button to "un-lock" it, so that you can make the changes described on this page.  Next, make sure that "Internal Modem" appears is the box labeled "Show:"  Then choose the TCP/IP tab.

Where it says "Configure:", make sure you have chosen Using PPP from the drop-down menuIn the DNS Servers box, type in then press ENTER on your keyboard to move to the next line, and type in (see picture below.)  In the Search Domains box, type in

Next, choose the PPP tab at the top of the Network window.  In the box labeled "Service Provider:" type in KansasNet.  In the box labeled "Account name:", type in your KansasNet username (sign-on name).  Enter your KansasNet password in the box below that.  In the next box, you need to enter the phone number to dial KansasNet.  If you are not sure of the correct number for you to use, please check KansasNet's Local Access Numbers.  Please make sure that the "Alternate Number:" field is left blank.  Finally, go ahead and check the box next to Save password and then click the PPP Options button.

After you have clicked the PPP Options button, you will see the window below with the "Session Options" and "Advanced Options" sections.
Under the Session Options section, make sure that you have checked:

  • Connect automatically when needed

  • Disconnect when user logs out

  • Redial if busy (Redial 1 times, Wait 10 seconds before redialing)

We recommend that you uncheck:

  • Prompt every 30 minutes to maintain connection

  • Disconnect if idle for 10 minutes

Under the Advanced Options section, make sure that you have checked "Send PPP echo packets" and "Use TCP header compression".  Make sure that "Connect using a terminal window (command line) and "Use verbose logging" are NOT checked.  Then press OK.

After clicking OK in Step 4 above, you will return to the Network window.  Choose the Proxies tab.  Make sure that all of the boxes are blank, and that all of the checkboxes are NOT checked.

Finally, choose the Modem tab in the Network window.  Most likely, the Modem drop-down menu will already show the correct modem installed in your computer.  However, if it is showing the incorrect modem, please choose your correct modem from the list.
Then, check the boxes labeled "Enable error correction and compression in modem" and "Wait for dial tone before dialing".  Where it says Dialing you should choose Tone, and where it says Sound we recommend you choose On.  It is suggested that you do NOT check the box which says "Notify me of incoming calls while connected to the Internet".  Make sure that Country Setting is set correctly to "United States" and if it is not, then Change it.

Now that you have completed all the steps on this page, click the Apply Now button at the bottom of the Network window to save all the settings and any changes made.  Congratulations!  You have now configured your MAC OS X computer to connect to KansasNet.

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