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KansasNet Online Technical Support

General Information

Find general information, often helpful for beginners.  Or visit our extensive glossary of internet/computer terms.

Common Internet Questions (FAQ)

Glossary of Internet Terms

Telephone Technical Support

Putting your Personal Webpage on KansasNet

High-speed Services Tech Support
(coming soon!)

Wireless Internet Setup Instructions

DSL Internet Setup Instructions

Software Downloads

Check our download page for software downloads, including our setup software, file-transfer utilities, browsers, e-mail programs, and more!

Setup Dial-Up Tech Support

Find step-by-step instructions on how to setup your internet connection to KansasNet on various platforms:

Windows 3.1

Windows Me
(under construction)

Windows 2000 *Special Instructions*

Windows XP

Windows Vista

America Online


Make a new dial-up connection to KansasNet on Windows 95/98

Check your KansasNet dial-up connection configuration on Windows 95/98

Creating a shortcut to KansasNet on your Desktop - Windows 95/98

Installing Dial-Up Networking on Windows 95/98/Me

*** Check your Windows Internet Options ***

MacIntosh 8/9

MacIntosh OS X

Check your MacIntosh 8.x or 9.x dial-up settings

E-mail Technical Support

Get step-by-step instructions to setup your email program to send and receive your KansasNet e-mail.

Outlook Express Technical Support

Outlook Express 4.5 for MacIntosh Support

MacIntosh OS X Mail Program Support

Eudora Light 3.0 Tech Support (under construction)

Netscape Mail Tech Support (under construction)

TroubleShooting Connection Difficulties

Having problems connecting?  Get lousy connect speeds or having problems with non-requested disconnects?  Check the links below for helpful information.

Troubleshooting Slow Internet Connections

Things-to-Try around the house

56k modem help

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