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EVERY computer should have some sort of complete antivirus protection, ESPECIALLY if the computer is used to access the internet. A computer without antivirus protection is vulnerable to thousands of different viruses, and these virus can compromise an unprotected system wrecking havoc on its operability. The majority of widespread viruses are email-born, meaning that they spread via email. The chances of contracting a virus infection via email is FAR greater than via any other method. For this reason, KansasNet strongly encourages ALL subscribers who utilize KansasNet e-mail to sign-up for KansasNet's_Email_Virus_Protection_Service.

KansasNet recommends Norton Antivirus due to its incredibly easy user-interface, reliability, and reputation.
Symantec currently offers Free Trial versions of Norton Antivirus. Just click the banner below and in the window which appears choose "Trialware" on the side menu.

Even if you have the KansasNet Email Virus Protection, it is highly recommended that you keep up-to-date antivirus software running on your computer at all times as there are other ways to get viruses besides just through your KansasNet email. For example, you may download an infected file, visit a malicious website, or have other email accounts with different providers which our system cannot protect. Also, if you do not have KansasNet's Email Virus Protection service, when you download email to your computer you depend on the antivirus software running on your computer to prevent virus-infected emails from infecting your system.

KansasNet Email Virus Scanning Service

Viruses can be costly.  They are one of the biggest security risks on the Internet today.  Infection can lead to corruption & loss of files, backdoor access to your computer, or even require a complete format of your drive. Email worm-type viruses can infect your computer. A system infected with an email worm-type virus will automatically email the virus to many other people and might even email your personal files along with the virus!

For $5/mo. per email address, KansasNet offers an Email Virus Protection service. If you subscribe to KansasNet's Email Virus Protection service, each time our virus scanner detects a virus in mail sent to your* address, our system will automatically block that message from being delivered to your inbox on our server. What this means is that when you download your email from our mail server, each message should be virus-free, so you won't have to worry about getting a virus through your KansasNet email.**.

This service is available to all KansasNet customers for only $5/mo. per email inbox to be scanned.  If you would like to upgrade your account to include the Email Virus Protection service, please contact us.

Note that a computer infected with an email worm-type virus will nearly always forge (or spoof) the sender address on the virus-infected emails which it automatically sends out to other people. Basically, if you receive a virus-infected email, don't be mislead and think that it was actually sent by the address shown as the "From:" address, because that address was very likely forged by the virus-infected computer which sent the message to you.

Bottom line:
Feel safe opening your mail for less than 17 cents a day.

* KansasNet Email Virus Protection service is also available for email addresses and inboxes @ other domains which KansasNet hosts.

** Disclaimer: Please note that when a new virus is unleashed onto the internet, there is always a window of time in which internet users across the world are vulnerable to the new virus threat until the antivirus security companies release new virus definitions allowing their antivirus software to detect and block the new virus. During this window of time, even KansasNet's Email Virus Scan software may not reliably detect *new* virus-infected emails for which the Antivirus security companies have not yet released virus-definitions in order for our antivirus software to be able to block the *new* virus. Always be careful which emails you choose to open and the general rule of thumb is to immediately delete any emails you receive for which you do not recognize the sender, or any emails with a suspicious subject line. Also, you should never open any attachments unless you are expecting those attachments. Note that even if you have KansasNet's Email Virus Protection service, it is very important that you keep up-to-date antivirus software running on your computer at all times.

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