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Windows 2000 Special Instructions*

* Please note that some Windows 2000 computers may have trouble dialing into KansasNet in certain areas.  The problem only seems to occur with *some* Windows 2000 computers, and depends on which access number you are using to dial-in.  You do not need to follow these instructions unless you are having problems connecting.  If you have Windows 2000 and are having problems making a successful dialup connection, we have discovered a setting on Windows 2000 which needs to be unset in order to allow the dial-up connection to be established.

On your Windows 2000 desktop, look for the My Network Places icon.  You need to right-click the icon, and select Properties.

In the Network Connections window, right-click on the KansasNet connection and choose Properties.

Now, you should have the KansasNet properties window open.  Choose the Networking tab at the top of this window and your window should look similar to the one below.  Next, choose the Settings button near the top of this window and proceed to the next step.

Finally, after clicking the Settings button in the previous step, you should see the PPP Settings window shown below.  Uncheck "Negotiate multi-link for single-link connections" and press OK.  Press the OK button on each window you opened to save the new settings.   If this setting was already *not* checked, and you are still having problems connecting to the internet, please contact our technical support department.

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