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How to Make a New KansasNet
Dial-Up Connection on Windows XP

This page will help you setup your computer running Windows XP Home or Professional to dial-up to KansasNet Internet.

To begin, open the Control Panels from the Start menu (click the Start button, then choose Control Panels).  You should see the items below and notice "Pick a category".

If you do not see "Pick a category", choose Switch to Category View in the upper-left hand corner (see Fig.1a on the right)

Then choose Network and Internet Connections from the category list.

Figure 1a:

After completing STEP 1 above, you should see the window below stating to "Pick a task."  Click on Create a connection to the network at your workplace.

Next, you will see the New Connection Wizard Network Connection window below.  Make sure there is a dot next to Dial-up connection, and click Next.

Next you will see the Connection Name window, and in the "Company Name" box, type in KansasNet and then press Next.

In the Phone Number to Dial window, you need to enter the phone number to dial KansasNet.  If you are not sure of the correct number for you to use, please check KansasNet's Local Access Numbers.  Click Next.

After STEP 5 above, you may or may not see the Connection Availability window below.  If you do not see this window, just proceed to STEP 7, otherwise it is recommend you choose Anyone's use in order to avoid the connection not working when others in your business/household login to the computer and need to use the KansasNet dial-up connection.  Click Next.

At last, you have reached the final step of the New Connection Wizard.  Make sure to place a check in the box which says Add a shortcut to this connection on my desktop.  Then click Finish.

Now that you have completed the New Connection Wizard, you should automatically return to the Network and Internet Connections Control Panel (shown below) and again see "Pick a task."  This time, at the bottom choose Internet Options.

You have now finished creating the KansasNet dial-up connection on your Windows XP computer.  However, in order to complete configuring your computer for Dial-up internet access to KansasNet, YOU MUST VISIT THE PAGE BELOW AND YOU CAN SKIP TO STEP 3:
Checking your Internet Options on Windows XP/2000/ME/NT/98/95

In order to setup your KansasNet email, please visit:
Setting Up Outlook Express 5/6 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

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