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Finally, an affordable, high-speed Internet connection for your home or business, without the added cost of line usage from a third party.  Bi-directional, always on, high-speed Internet with no phone or cable company services necessary.  KansasNet Wireless Internet delivers you a 2 Megabit+ connection to our network, which in-turn provides up to a 512Kbps connection to the Internet. When compared with the 56Kbps of dial-up, the speeds seem even faster due to improved latency and other analog modem deficiencies.  Priced starting at just $35.00/mo (does not include installation charges).

KansasNet Wireless is a ground-based (i.e. tower based) technology. Using towers to send and receive data, as opposed to satellites (another wireless method) has advantages.  One advantage is the time it takes for the data to reach from point-to-point is reduced (resulting in a lower latency).  Another advantage is that ground based technologies do not have as much susceptibility to atmospheric conditions.

To complete the final link to the subscriber, setup requires installation of a fixed-point antenna in conjunction with a specially configured Wireless client unit, which will both transfer & receive the Internet connection from the network. KansasNet Wireless is a connection capable of providing Internet access to one PC, a small network, and even networks of 10 PCs plus.

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The first step in the Wireless order process is to determine if service is available at your location. KansasNet's staff can make determination of service availability through the use of topographical software, or in some circumstances, site survey. For any questions regarding availability, please contact us or complete the Wireless Qualification Form online.

If your location qualifies for service, and you are ready for high-speed Wireless Internet, the next step is to print and fill out the wireless internet order form. This is the agreement for acceptance of the service.  Complete this form and return it with your installation fee to KansasNet. By signing up for KansasNet Wireless Internet Access, you thereby agree you have read and understood the KansasNet Wireless Terms of Access.

Self-Installation:  Self-install kits for users who choose the self-installation package are generally ready within 24 hours after signing up.  The kit will include the instructions, antenna, cables, wireless client unit, and other necessary components and setup information.

Professional-Installation:  You may also choose to have your wireless internet professionally installed by one of our wireless install technicians.  We will schedule an installation for your service (which can generally be arranged in 2-3 business days).  A trained KansasNet wireless technician will come to your home or business, and provide a complete installation of the connection up to your PC or network.  The technician will then provide simple configuration of the subscriber's PC(s).  This process usually takes about 2-3 hours.  If there are installation requirements that are not covered under our standard installation, the subscriber will be notified at the point of installation.  If there are problems with any of the subscriber supplied equipment (i.e. the PC or pieces of the network), the installation technician may stop the installation process, and request that the equipment be repaired before he completes the installation.

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