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KansasNet Wireless Internet Pricing


Wireless service is available for both stand-alone PCs, and for network integration.  KansasNet requires a 1-year commitment from Wireless subscribers. Failure to complete the one-year commitment will result in a penalty fine equal to the number of months remaining in the commitment, multiplied by the monthly rate (shorter terms are available, call for pricing on such custom scenarios). Service fees will be automatically debited from a credit/debit card or banking account unless otherwise agreed upon within the order form. This service is prorated only in the first month, and charges begin the day after installation.

A subscriber who's installation is terminated, or must be removed due to customer noncompliance with their landlord or housing association will still be liable for the full installation fee.  In other words, CHECK WITH YOUR HOUSING ASSOCIATION OR LANDLORD BEFORE MAKING YOUR INSTALLATION PAYMENT, OR IT COULD BE RETAINED FOR SERVICES RENDERED (Note: we will refund installation fees if we are not able to provide you with the service).  A written letter from Property Owner, Manager (or housing association) will insure that this doesn’t happen to you.

Note:  For determinations of availability, please submit the Online Wireless Qualification Form.

Standard Installation Charges:

The pricing in this document refers to “standard installation." In terms of equipment, the standard installation includes a DSS-type mount, a cable up to 100ft (cable is $.75/ft over 100ft), the wireless client unit and antenna, and necessary cable(s). In terms of labor (in the case of a single PC connection), we will provide installation of the connection to a PC, up to and including the network interface card, and perform simple software configuration of the subscriber's PC.

There are cases when installation may go beyond “standard.”  These include cost of additional cable, additional mast height, or labor beyond standard installation.  Additional labor could include (but is not limited to): work on your PC or network, installation of antenna on a steep roof or otherwise unsafe area, & running cable through difficult areas or structures (including brick walls). Feel free to consult the installation tech, prior to the install, about any additional labor that may apply.

Standard self-installation of a connection to a single PC is $99 (not available in all areas).
This amount is due prior to installation (making this payment begins the process of preparing your self-installation kit).  For this fee, we will provide usage of the wireless equipment and basic, telephone-based technical support during the installation.  NOTE: Due to the potential distance and other factors, the self-installation option is not available in all locations, talk to our sales staff for self-install availability.  See below for monthly service charges.

Standard professional installation of a connection to a single PC is $198.
This amount is due prior to installation (making this payment reserves your installation date).  For this fee, we will provide installation and all the necessary hardware for the connection to a PC, up to, and including the NIC, and perform simple software configuration of the subscriber's PC. If there are problems with the PC beyond the scope of the connection (i.e. OS, other software, or hardware), the tech will notify the subscriber that there is a problem, and will not perform the installation. In this case, the subscriber must get their PC repaired and reschedule their installation. You may only reschedule once, and then additional installation charges will apply. See below for monthly service charges.

Pricing for services beyond standard installation:

Additional cable: $.75/ft
Additional mast height: $100/10ft
Additional Labor: $75/hour

The subscriber premise equipment is the property of KansasNet.
The installation cost pays for labor of installation, depreciation of, and/or removal of the equipment.  Problems with any of the devices provided with this service should be directed to KansasNet technicians. Subscriber will be liable for any tampering done to the devices.

Single or Multiple PC Connection:
This service is prorated only in the first month, and charges begin the day after installation (Again, there is a 12-month commitment).  The Single PC and Multiple PCs service includes a backup dial-up account, a KansasNet email account, and up to 5Megs of storage space on our personal web server. Service fees will be AutoDebited from the subscriber’s credit card or checking account unless otherwise agreed upon within the order form.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Is there a subscriber self-install package?
Yes, please see more information regarding the wireless self-installation kit and pricing in the appropriate section above.

Q: How long does it take to get service installed (from point of order to point of install)? A:  We generally try to keep several self-install kits on hand and ready-to-go for subscribers who choose the self-installation option.  However, configuration of the wireless client unit is customer specific so please allow up to 1 business day for provisioning of the wireless self-installation kit.  The professional installation process generally takes 2-3 business days, but, depending on the complexity of your install (i.e. do we have to build & configure a router, etc.), your install could take longer.  Or, depending on our work load, we may be able to get to it more quickly.  At the point you make your down payment, an install date will be assigned.  We will work closely with you, and do our best to meet this date, but again, it is relative to the complexity, and our current demand.

Q: What performance can I expect from this connection rate?
We will guarantee a minimum connection rate of 128Kbps (Kilobits per second) in both directions. You will rarely see a connection rate this slow (128Kbps).  The connection may burst up to 512Kbps, therefore, your connection should always lie in this range.

Q: Is KansasNet Wireless available for MacIntosh?
Yes, KansasNet can provide devices which interface with your MacIntosh's existing network card.

Q: Can I run an Web, FTP, gaming, or other inbound posted server on this connection?
No, plain & simple.  This service is intended to be an outbound connection.  By having people access your location (inbound traffic), you could potentially cause large amounts of traffic on the network, and could become vulnerable to the outside world (i.e. hackers). Our administration department has the ability to monitor connections & determine traffic patterns.  The first violation will probably only be a notice that your connection is not intended for this use.  Your second will be loss of connection with the resulting fine being your monthly fee multiplied by the number of months remaining in your agreement.

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